TORY CAMPBELL | Project Lead | Tory, as a business owner himself and Senior Business Development Coordinator at Prosper Portland, saw the need for a network of entrepreneurs of color and a focus on their achievements that could tell a deeper story about running a business in Portland. 

JOHN CÁRDENAS | Video Storytelling | Public Affairs Coordinator & Videographer @Prosper Portland 

ANNE MANGAN | Written content| Senior Communications Coordinator @Prosper Portland 

LISA NORWOOD | Website design | Digital Media Coordinator @Prosper Portland


JOY DAVIS | Outreach and Business Community Engagement Lead | Joy is the Founding and Managing Partner at Design + Culture Lab. Joy and her team came on board in fall 2015. 

MEGAN BURNS | Outreach | Associate Account Fellow @Design+Culture Lab

ROB LEWIS | Outreach | Art Director @Design+Culture Lab

NOMIN LYONS | Outreach | Associate Design Researcher @Design+Culture Lab


INTISAR ABIOTOPhotographic Storytelling | Intisar is an adventurer, dancer, photographer and writer. She came on board in January 2016. 

KIM OANH NGUYEN | Photographic Storytelling | Kim is an award-winning photojournalist, and corporate culture and headshot photographer based in Portland. She came on board in May 2016. 

DIEGO DIAZ | Photographic Storytelling | Diego is a regular contributor to local press such as the Portland Tribune and as a photo editor at ProstAmerika. He came on board in December 2016.