Mungai media

All hands on deck!
— Jomo Greenidge, Founder, Mungai Media

Jomo Greenidge’s path to entrepreneurship started in elementary school. A self-directed learner, Greenidge began teaching himself to write code early on. “Many kids had Michael Jordan on their wall. I had a picture of Steve Jobs’s infamous NeXT Computer,” he says. Today, Greenidge’s company, Mungai Media, provides technology solutions for companies and organizations nationally, in addition to producing its own projects.

The company’s newest initiative is, which Greenidge defines as “a platform for black success.” He says, “It’s a catalyst for investment in our community.” The site hosts a business directory, a community calendar, and other resources for and by Portland’s black community.  


Essential to the infrastructure of is the training of Oregon’s next generation of black technologists. The site is built and maintained by Greenidge and a group of teenagers under his tutelage. He says, “Our vision is to create a viable, growing, black geek ecosystem where young people are inspired to not just use technology, but to view themselves as creators and innovators. We need a place where kids and young people can learn and work on real world projects, but also develop an understanding and appreciation for the broad spectrum of capacity that exists here in our community.”

Investment in all sectors of Black Portland is the company’s directive and what it seeks to catalyze in the Portland community at large. Greenidge’s message for 2017 is a pure rallying call for that investment. “All hands on deck,” he repeats. “All hands on deck!”


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Established: 2005
Industry: Technological Solutions