SIKA STanton

Everybody’s got their way and all the ways are fine as long as you get there.
— Sika Stanton

Sika Stanton’s path to entrepreneurship has been distinctly her own. A digital content creator, she has produced video, photography, audio, and websites for nonprofit, corporate, small business, and editorial clients including Portland Monthly, Oregon Humanities, Honda, and Monocle. 

Stanton always knew she wanted her own business, but initially wasn’t sure of the what or how. The Maine native studied visual art at Stanford where, seeking a well-rounded experience, she paired art and photography classes with courses in cultural anthropology and philosophy.  Post-graduation in 2004 her uncle invited her to check out Portland. She stayed, freelancing as a photographer while working full-time at small businesses. 

Stanton says, “In small businesses you have to do a lot of different things, so I got to try curating art exhibitions, photographing product, and designing social media content.” She paired the skills she developed on-site with independent research. “I just kept adding different skills to my experience. The last company I worked for wanted to add video to their marketing, but it was really expensive to hire an agency. My co-worker said, “I think Sika could do that.” And I was like, “Yeah, I could.” That was six years ago.”

Today Stanton commands a bevy of digital content production skills and transitioned to full-time with her business in April 2016. Continuous creative investigation continues to be her practice. “Everyone is figuring things out as they go along,” she says. “Everybody’s got their way and all the ways are fine as long as you get there.”

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Established: 2004
Industry: Media
Location: Portland